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Minimalism is great in art and music,


but not tulips. 

Posted by on May 5, 2009 at 9:25 am, in the category It's the Plants, Darling, Real Gardens.
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12 responses to “Minimalism is great in art and music,”

  1. Diane says:

    Oh, poor lonely tulip!

  2. Michelle says:

    Thank you for the LOL! I had to share the joke with a coworker who wondered what I was guffawing at. 😀

  3. cloverann says:

    Thank you for being so real 😉

  4. ann says:

    that was hilarious!

  5. gardenmentor says:

    okay, that’s hilarious & made my day!

  6. Marie says:

    It’s a Recession Tulip.

  7. That looks like the work of my neighborhood squirrels — they just love a single tulip in the most inconvenient of spots.

  8. Bob Vaiden says:

    No… This is great! It makes a statment about the lonely struggle of life, and how we fight adversity against all odds, and…

    Ok… Ok… It IS pretty sad! Perhaps you should have a meeting with your neighborhood squirrels?

    I have found that most species tulips seem to be left alone. Do squirrels have a taste for “fancy” tulips?

  9. Pam says:

    Hee hee! Minimalism is not that great in music either, in my opinion. Of course, I have one lowly Texas tulip in my southern garden. I was stoked that it had foliage AND a bud. (I carried the bulb around in my purse for a month, so I was surprised it came up at all!) But then some stupid deer came and ate it. So, I moved the tulip where it’s all alone in another spot. They cost $25 a pop, so maybe I can slowly get more!

  10. Barbara says:

    Deer candy.

    They ate the ones I planted FOR them and left the ones intermingled with the daffodils and catmint alone! Not nip…mint – eye-popping purple!

  11. Eric says:

    I’m a devoted gardenrant reader and this post and accompanyting picture is the funniest thing I’ve ever read on this site – I guffawed out loud when I scrolled down to the photo and I’m still giggling as I type this – thanks ever so much for the laugh!

  12. Yeah! I like the art in that, really nice.