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In Britain the politicians love to garden too, but they’re spending way more than Michelle Obama

Horse manure? Pergola beams? Hedge trimming? All these and more have been claimed as reimbursable expenses in the ongoing scandal over British politicians and their parliamentary expense claims. We have this kind of thing happen over here sometimes, but I’m more accustomed to seeing trips to Vegas and Miami on the list. Hookers, not hanging baskets, are what I’ve grown to expect. It’s kind of endearing in a way—at least they care about their gardens—but yeah, the party’s over. Dredge your moat on your own dime.

I chose a WSJ story for my link, but there are tons of articles online about this, and many involve gardening.

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7 responses to “In Britain the politicians love to garden too, but they’re spending way more than Michelle Obama”

  1. Victoria says:

    “Dredge your moat on your own dime”: I couldn’t have put it better myself. It’s an absolute disgrace. Though my own favourite is the one who claimed more than £300 for horse manure. And these guys are rolling in it! (Unfortunately, not in the horse manure.)

  2. Michele Owens says:

    Hilarious! Why are the British so much more entertaining than anybody else?

  3. Rosella says:

    More practice, Michele!

  4. Ah, politicians and manure… a partnership that dates back many years, no doubt. Funny post. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Susie says:

    Too funny, I only wish our US politicians were over spending in their gardens & not flying around the world on junkets with a full array of ‘assistants’in tow. Dredge on your own dime, so true, but I’d still rather have them dredging than ………

  6. ESP says:

    Hi all.
    I just found the Garden Rant!
    So much material to get through and to catch up on! Wow!
    Anyway thought I would introduce myself and say hi from:

    Please check in when you come up for air. I am a Brit gardening in Austin in Central Texas, using lots of sun-screen and popular culture references to move my gardening blog along.


  7. greg draiss says:

    And just when I was going to say let’s go back under control of the crown.

    The TROLL