Blooming in Saratoga Springs, NY


Hellebores, unnamed hybrids that I paid $5 apiece for at Lowe's.  They've been in the ground for four years and have failed to impress, until this year.  Wow.   My only complaint is that the beautiful flowers face downwards and so are hard to see.

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8 responses to “Blooming in Saratoga Springs, NY”

  1. jaz says:

    i bought those same hellobores at lowes too. i planted them along a path that rises up a hill so you actually look up at them and therefore can see the flowers better. if i can get a good pic of them i will post it on my blog at: octoberfarm.blogspot.com

    check it out!

  2. Michele Owens says:

    Smart, Jaz. If only I had a hill here.

  3. I don’t think I’d have been patient enough to wait four years! But it’s a good thing you did – those are lovely.

  4. rex says:

    I bought some in the past from various vendors and never saw any blooms. Last year I bought some from White Flower Farm, and low and behold, this year it has bloomed! It must be the year for hellebores.

  5. chuck b. says:

    The downwardness is my complaint too. I think they work best in a pot that’s at least 3′ tall a few years after planting, by which time the inflorescence gets so big it fairly cascades.

  6. shira says:

    Mine are outstanding this year as well (and i moved them at the end of last season, so it’s surprising). They must like this horrible, seemingly unending winter we are having in the northeast

  7. Bob Vaiden says:

    I’ve taken a few neat photos by sticking the digital camera right under the flowers. I think the maroon flowers just seem prettier than the cream flowers.

    I’ve had them for more than 5 years…they have bloomed every year. They are planted on will-drain ground in the front yard, along with many species (Wild) tulips, English Bluebells, and native wildflowers like Bluebells and Waterleaf.

  8. lucia says:

    Beautiful! Two years on and no hellebore blooms yet for me. (these from Wayside Gardens — and they’re guanateed!) I was about giving up hope. But I’ll hang in there for next year.