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The White House Garden: When Plants Attack.

This just in from the Onion:

WASHINGTON—In his first major gaffe since taking office, President
Obama accidentally stepped too close to the ferocious, man-eating
plants of the White House Rose Garden Monday and was nearly devoured
whole. According to witnesses, Obama was giving a tour to a group of
foreign dignitaries when he leaned against a fence and was pulled
headfirst into the pack of thorny stems and meat-eating flora that edge
the lawn. "I should have known it was almost feeding time," said a
surprisingly high-spirited Obama, whose neck and legs were still
covered with bandages.

Read the whole story here.  I wonder if The Onion is in need of a full-time garden editor?  Hmmmmm…

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4 responses to “The White House Garden: When Plants Attack.”

  1. Gloria says:

    [I wonder if The Onion is in need of a full-time garden editor? Hmmmmm…]

    If anyone could do it, that would be you.

  2. Naw, this stuff writes itself!

  3. ChristyACB says:

    ::laugh and snort:: Too funny.

  4. Old Kim says:

    His first major gaffe is sending troops into Afghanistan.