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Growing moss inside—on purpose!


So. You got rid of your lawn—for whatever reason—but you miss the feel of grass under your toes? You can have a cool moss carpet inside! I’m already into growing things inside big time, so I was attracted to this, but just as well that I don’t think you can actually buy it—yet. Found via Neatorama, designer La Chanh Nguyen has created a bathroom carpet made of an imputrescible (never heard of this word, but I assume it means “non-rotting”) foam called plastazote, which “welcomes” little moss pieces that grow naturally in your bathroom humidity and all the water that drips from you.

It’s very pretty.

Posted by on March 11, 2009 at 12:47 pm, in the category Designs, Tricks, and Schemes.
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14 responses to “Growing moss inside—on purpose!”

  1. Michele says:

    I love this idea, but the bathroom would have to have some light. And what would such a mat do to a wood floor?

  2. Elizabeth says:

    The plastazote would provide a barrier. Though even I don’t have wood floors in my bathroom. I could actually have this, cause my bathroom is one of the sunniest places in the house and I have always regretted not having room for plants.

    But what I should do is throw out all my expensive though worthless hair product and put in a plant stand!

  3. Ether Maiden says:

    I’ve seen this before, and love the idea. I wonder if it would be adaptable to being a door mat in other parts of the house as well?

  4. cloverann says:

    Might be a problem in a pet home…??

  5. I would try this. I have a perfect spot in a sunny bathroom!

  6. nandina says:

    For many years I grew an inside moss garden in a large covered glass dish. It was always interesting to watch the many wee bugs and worms that would hatch and crawl over the moss. They could not escaped their enclosed environment, thank goodness. This door mat project sounds great for a garden show exhibit but I prefer to leave the insect world where it belongs…outside.

  7. I love this! I would absolutely try it. Happy feet. Mossy. Yes.

  8. Kerry says:

    I love this, though the idea of wee beasties breeding in my bathroom isn’t terribly appealing. That said, they could keep the mice, ants and fruit flies company.

  9. I love moss but I think this is just weird.

  10. I have a rather significant size moss garden outdoors; moss can’t take a lot of foot traffic on a regular basis. Standing on it when you get out of the tub would probably work though not walking across in in heels. I take long, steamy showers but I question whether that would really be enough moisture in the air for moss to thrive. And yes, it is a buggy, sluggy heaven outdoors, so ….

  11. Nobody has said it, so I will. Don’t we all have weird things growing in our bathrooms already? I know I do. . .

  12. luise h. says:

    That is just weird to me too.And messy,wipe your Feet on that and clean debris after use? I love my Moss outside,that’s were it’s going to stay.

  13. chuck b . says:

    I would slip on that and break my neck. And then my cats would pee on it.

  14. That’s entirely interesting. Not sure I wouldn’t be a little icked out by it though!