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The heart of the matter


Valentine’s Day is a long weekend this year: we’re taking a break in the Berkshires to enjoy the scenery and the art. It’s always a good time to talk about flowers. I’m happy with pretty much any floral offering, from my boss’s yearly red rose in a bud vase to each member of our largely female staff (he’s old school and wouldn’t even begin to imagine this as in any way oppressive, just a nice thing to do) to the round ball of carnations I got from a friend one year to the 6-foot rose I found (and have never seen again) and brought to a dinner party.


It’s all good. But for the last few years my favorite Valentine flowers have been the ones I grow myself. Like this shaggy pink hyacinth (top), with its little black stamens. It is Raphael, one of about 40 I forced this year, either in glass vases or in pots. Hyacinths tend to be lumped together, but there are many variances between the different types (the classic Carnegie is above). Click here to take a look at the rest of the indoor floral action I’ve got going this February. And as always, a shout to Carol/May Dreams Gardens for starting Bloom Day and for being a fellow aficionado of indoor gardening.

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2 responses to “The heart of the matter”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous!

    However, the Hyacinths are beautiful and a great harbinger to spring.

    My hyacinths are sleeping in their beds now – awaiting their future. Thankfully it won’t be long!

    Best wishes, Shawna Coronado

  2. Yeah! I agree with you, “It’s always a good time to talk about flowers.” and I love that white flower. It feels like so innocent. Anyway, thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up!