Taking Your Gardening Dollar

The Garden Clock


A clock powered by a chemical reaction between mud and metal. Grow a plant, tell the time.

And yes, it's only a concept, so you've got a while to think about whether you want one and what plant you would use to power your clock.

via Yankodesign.

Posted by on February 16, 2009 at 5:24 am, in the category Taking Your Gardening Dollar.
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7 responses to “The Garden Clock”

  1. Jacqueline says:

    Neat! Reminds me of the potato clock that kids make for science fair projects.

    Just think of what else we could power – street lights lit by street trees in giant containers, ovens operating by the collective power of a potted herb garden, computers supplied by plants in your office…

  2. Hap says:

    I so want one! Now! I am awash with consumer lust!

  3. Interesting! Hopefully they’ll make it to market. Just found your blog – looking forward to a good read.


  4. Annie says:

    Does this add a new meaning to sitting around, watching the grass grow???


  5. Barbara says:

    Green thumb down.

  6. ChristyACB says:

    Hmm..what I’d really like is to only need to be able to tell the time with the sky and NOT be on such a schedule.

    Can we do that instead?

  7. I MUST have this – my cat would be grazing her head off and I could go battery-free.