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I get press releases


Looking for ways to make “stay-cations” fun for the whole family? If you’re planning any features on ways families can make their stay-at-home vacations more pleasant and less ordinary, you’ll want to consider xxx0000TV and its innovative flat-panel televisions for outdoor use.
(from a company and PR firm that will both remain nameless)

Yes. That’s exactly what I want to do. This summer, I want to encourage thrifty Western New Yorkers to stay home, buy big flatscreens, put them in their gardens, and turn them all on. At once.

Actually, I worked on a “vacation in your own backyard” promotion back in the nineties when I was at a local museum; however, our program did involve leaving the house, and very few ordinary folks had flatscreens then. It looks like this year I’ll be revisiting those itineraries as we reluctantly downsize our—albeit modest—travel plans. Maybe this will be the year I do spring wildflower walks at our many local preserves (including Reinstein Woods at top); take on the Niagara Gorge trails I haven’t yet tried; and plan road trips to New York, Southern Ontario, Ohio, and Pennsylvania horticultural destinations I haven’t yet seen. For anyone with the least interest in nature or gardens, there is an amazing bounty less than two hours from Buffalo in any direction. But you know how it is. We mean to do things and then don’t, and of course there is my own gardening, with July’s Garden Walk looming over those efforts.

No, I don’t think I’ll need the flat-panel on the patio. Not quite yet.

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10 responses to “I get press releases”

  1. Susan Harris says:

    That photo evoked a “yikes” from me coz that fine looks all the world like kudzu, or some other nasty plant. But since you say it’s a preserve, I’m assuming (hoping) not.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    My camera battery was dead last time I was there, so this is another local shot. Kudzu is not hardy here, though. Could be something else terrible, I GUESS, though it’s a DEC preserve and they post all kinds of warnings about invasive plants.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Ok, I changed the mysterious vine image to a better one that we published in the mag a few years back.

  4. Lisa Albert says:

    So basically they are promoting that instead of sitting on our a–es inside, we should sit on our a–es outside? Ridiculous.

  5. gardenmentor says:

    Ah geez! My staycation article/promo this year for Seattlites? Go to the Northwest Flower & Garden Show; it might be your last chance! Next year, the blog and other online entities may be your only “similar” outlet, but will you need a flatscreen TV for it? Doubt it!

  6. Elizabeth Stump says:

    Um, aren’t we supposed to go outside in order to get ourselves AWAY from the TV and computer? This product should be directed solely for commercial purposes, like updating train schedules displays at outdoor stations, advertising and event information for people waiting in lines at large venues, or trailers for people waiting in line outside at movie theaters. The only thing I could reasonably see this being used in a “backyard” is some rich mogul who wants to show music videos of the latest wanna-be starlet he’s promoting at one of his house parties where everyone must wear white (not cream!) and the gold/diamonds around everyone’s neck is more than the GDP of half of the countries in the world.

  7. jodi says:

    I may possibly be almost speechless. Almost. GOD! What is WRONG with these companies? Tell me they’ll be one of the first to implode when the economy really starts tanking….

  8. Diana says:

    The best summers of my life were those that did not involve wearing shoes.

  9. Michelle D. says:

    A marketer and public relations firm has gotta do what they do.
    Spin !
    I don’t think the public is going to bite at this one too much.
    Last year at the S.F. Garden Show one of the display garden exhibitors had a big screen TV set up in their ‘garden’.
    I never saw any crowds gathering in that garden exhibit.
    Even the kids skipped by in favor of throwing rocks in the various water features, climbing on top of things that clearly were not intended to be climbed on and in general keeping everybody on their toes ( mothers and garden makers alike ).

    As far as staycations go, I’m a big fan of our local public parks system and arts & culture scene.
    I’ve signed up with a community based newsletter that sends out monthly tips on where to find cheap and free cultural events around the S.F. bay area.

    Next week I am traveling to Bhutan via the Asian Art Museum and will be treated to a traditional Bhutanise Buddhist tea ceremony, a dinner from their culinary culture and a tour of their art work, all for $ 20.00

    Now is a great time to rediscover the beauty and cultural activities right in your own back yard,…. without a big screen TV.

  10. ChristyACB says:

    I’m Flabbergasted! Who are these people that actually think that is going to work? Not an ad dollar well spent, I wouldn’t think. lol.

    Geocaching…definitely the thing to do this summer. Super fun.