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Why the Bloggies suck


There is a category for gossip, but not for gardening. When I looked at this year’s ballot, and saw the relatively small number of categories—small, when you consider that it is an international competition with potentially millions of eligible winners—at first I just shrugged. Who am I to quibble, who is Garden Rant to quibble, with its measly thousand-plus visits a day? Sure, we try, but we’re no Dooce, Heather, or Waiterrant.

But it is precisely because I am infinitesimal in the larger scheme of things that I quibble, and quibble loudly. Didn’t blogs come to be precisely for this reason, to give individual, quirky, and measly—but interesting—voices a place for expression on the interwebs? Should the amount of times Britney is mentioned be considered more important than talking about how we might possible impede the planet from dissolving into a fetid puddle? (Though it’s not an event you can really gossip about, and anyway there won’t be any blogs around to do it.)

If there are categories for food, entertainment, sports, and, yes, gossip, then I contend that there ought to be one for nature or the environment (gardening could and probably should be folded into one of those). So there. My rant about the Bloggies concludes, but not without thanks to our friends Colleen/In the Garden Online, who created the Mousies for us garden bloggers, and Carol/May Dreams Gardens, who nominated Garden Rant for a Bloggie under “group blog.” You can too. If you do go there, watch out: the site has a rather irksome sideways scroll. Also: you do NOT have to vote for 3 blogs in each category; the rule is 3 different blogs total for the whole contest (i.e., 1 in politics, 1 in group, 1 in food.)

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13 responses to “Why the Bloggies suck”

  1. Susan Harris says:

    It’s also irksome that you can’t nominate just one or two blogs in a category; gotta be THREE. Huh?

  2. I can’t believe there’s no gardening category!


  3. Colleen says:

    Ha. Now you can see why I was pissed off enough to start the Mousies in the first place! We blog about things that actually, like, MATTER (on a worldwide scale, even) and we have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting a Bloggie win. If any of us can do it, I put my money on the Ranters 🙂

    I’ll head over and put my nominations in now. Good luck, ladies!

  4. gardenmentor says:

    I don’t get the whole “must nominate 3” thing either, and frankly the site itself leaves a lot to be desired…oh well, who am I to judge…or nominate?

  5. Amy Stewart says:

    OK, so we got Best Topical Blog, Best Group Blog, and Best-Kept Secret Blog. Fortunately, you don’t have to nominate 3 blogs in each category you want to vote for. I threw in a couple political blogs I read feverishly in 2008, and that was enough.

    Shameless self-promotion aside, let’s actually get garden blogs noticed! Take a minute to send in some nominations, y’all.

  6. Fiddlehead says:

    In this day and age, no reward for environmental blogging on a large scale? Ludicrous.
    Kudos to all the steadfast garden bloggers who have the gumption to make or shake my day (and thousands of others). I am, and continue to be thoroughly impressed.

  7. Rodney Dangerfield said it best, “I can’t get no respect” (Garden bloggers, that is…)

    And I’m breaking my resolution to not be a hater this year, but who does a side scroll nowadays? That’s so 1992 internet.

  8. Victoria says:

    I’ve never heard of the Bloggies, but I’ve often read and admired your blog. I hope that’s some small consolation!

  9. Adella says:

    I voted for garden rant under
    weblog of the year
    best kept secret
    best group
    best writing
    best topical

    I really think it is all of those things, but topical would be my number one choice. So please, everyone get in there and vote for the rant!!

  10. Renate says:

    All right, I voted for gardenrant under group and best kept secret. I would have done more, but I couldn’t think of 2 others for each category & don’t have time to fiddle with that right now.

    What a baroque process!

  11. Sarah says:

    Yes, you are so right to rant about this. I’ve been looking at all the Weblog awards and, while I was happy to discover some great blogs on the list (and some appalling ones) I was shocked, shocked that there were no garden writing (or anything environmental at all) categories.
    What is to be done?

  12. ILoveBlogs says:

    The Truth About the Bloggies: They hold NO Value, NO Credibility. I was selected as a panelist (final judge) for the Bloggies. I was presented with a list of about 20 nominees from each category. However, most of these nominees were not real Blogs or Weblogs. There were some junk websites, retail websites, and research websites (like TripAdvisor!) mixed in. I contacted the Organizer of the Bloggies, Nikolai Nolan, to report that these non-Weblogs were included in the final selection list. His response? “I’m aware of this, but there are too many nominees to verify them all. ” So folks, don’t get too excited about being nominated, or excluded from the nominations. If you have a great Weblog but were not included in the final selection — it could be because your category was inundated with false or unqualified websites. And the organizer was too busy/lazy to review the list and remove any unqualified nominees.