Who are the most influential garden-bloggers?

Robin Wedewer – Examiner.com's national Gardening Examiner – wants to know for an upcoming column.  Here's her post asking the question.  You can email gardeningexaminer@gmail.com directly or just comment here and Robin will see it.

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5 responses to “Who are the most influential garden-bloggers?”

  1. Thanks, Susan. I’m already getting some good feedback.

    Were you really up at 4:11 a.m. writing this?

    Robin Wedewer, Examiner
    also at bumblebeeblog.com

  2. Susan Harris says:

    No, indeed I wasn’t up at 4:11. It seems our Typepad timer needs resetting. S

  3. The one blog I consistently read is Gardenrant. I like the diversity, and there’s a lot of good information as well as well thought out opinions. I also like Gardening Gone Wild, with its excellent design advice and great photos.

  4. luise h. says:

    I also am a consistent reader of Gardenrant for the same reasons Renate statet.And thank you for mentioning Gardening gone Wild.I just checked it out for the first time.Love it.

  5. You must include Greg Peterson here in Phoenix Arizona. He is extremely well -known here and recently made the local newspaper’s list of ‘Wish list of Arizona Citizens for Obama’s cabinet’ Here’s the article:


    Here’s Geg’s blog: