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No Celebrity Chef for the Obamas

And I say good!  I know lots of foodies were hoping for an Alice Waters to alight in Washington and make Chef
lots of food news but the Obamas have chosen to keep Cristeta Comerford in the position of White House Executive Chef.  Not ONLY is she the first female and first minority in that job, but she’s clearly a fan of local sourcing of food.  We know that because she added source information – mostly local – to the state dinner menus released to the media.  And if she weren’t really good at creating healthy meals, I’m sure she’d be gone before Inauguration Day.

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8 responses to “No Celebrity Chef for the Obamas”

  1. Vicki says:

    From the brief interviews I’ve seen, she is an outstanding cook and chef. And I seriously doubt if Alice would have wanted the job…though I’m sure she will be lobbying–in her way–big time.

  2. sarahammocks says:

    Kudos to the Obamas–this was one Bush hire that was really smart and inspired. Her menus are wonderful, and by all accounts she is a great chef (for a position that many other great chefs would not or could not take on.) And now, maybe the Who Farm and Michael Pollan can find a sympathetic ear in the White House kitchen for that White House organic vegetable garden….

  3. Good for the Obamas. It would really stink for them to fire non-political white house personnel. Why should a chef be out of a job just because she was hired by the previous president?

  4. greg draiss says:

    I am glad they chose to keep some good alraedy hired help.

    N sense in throwing the Cheney’s out with the bath water.

    The TROLL

  5. Martha says:

    Good for us as a human race that we can see what is good and not dispose of someone because of perceived past associations.

    There is hope!

  6. commonweeder says:

    I do hope Cristeta will lobby for that most local of all food – the home garden, and get some veggies growing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

  7. Old Kim says:

    Give credit to Laura Bush, one of the most gracious wife’s of our union. No one ever talks about her because she was that good.

  8. SAY YES TO LOCAL FOODS – this is awesome! Congrats! I am happy to see a woman as chef.