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Look who’s tweating!


We are. As you can see by the Twitter feed under the manifesto, we’ve joined Twitter. Any one of us can tweat on the account; sometimes we’ll say which one it is, sometimes not. We’re looking to follow and to gain followers, so feel free to add us to your Twitter line-up!

Posted by on January 11, 2009 at 4:00 am, in the category What's Happening.
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8 responses to “Look who’s tweating!”

  1. SO, I don’t really understand Twitter. Is it sort of like Facebook status?

  2. Ewa says:

    I am addicted tweeter since some time. Feel free to follow me, I alway follow back everyone garden related ppl 🙂
    see ya!

  3. Eliz says:

    Susan, I’d say Twitter was sort of like mini-blogging, though people seem to tweat to each other a lot too. ( which is different than FB) I’ve also noticed that more and more organizations or companies are joining Twitter, for whatever reason.

  4. Yvonne says:

    Where do you find the time to twitter? I aready spend way too much of it chasing down my favorite stuff on the net.

  5. Welcome!
    It should be fun to have all 4 Garden Ranters tweeting from one nest! Keeping the microposts down to 140 spaces and characters gets to be a kind of game. Trying to guess which Ranter is the author of a tweet could be another kind of game.

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

  6. WELECOME TO TWITTER! I’m so glad to see you have joined. So many of your readers are already on Twitter and yes, we have been discussing you. (Have your ears been burning?) All good stuff — I swear!

    Once you get the hang of it, you will be surprised how easy it becomes. I get some of my best tips and links from the other garden writers on twitter. See you there!

  7. Jonah says:

    I’m so glad that there is such a great network of “Gardeners who Tweet.” I’m looking forward to your updates! How nice to have 4 more voices in the conversation.

  8. I love Twitter – totally addicted – and as a garden and greening writer it has really helped me to get out there.

    Congrats on getting on board! Love it. Feel free to tweet me @shawnacoronado and let’s talk about gardening, greening, and better health!