Bloom Day

Let the understudies step forward

Cyclamen, African violets, and Plectrantus: non-stop bloomers since November

Can we have some love for these regularly-scorned indoor players? They’ve been blooming their heads off for months now—and when the Buffalo temps are hitting highs of 5º, I appreciate it. Sure, they always look the same, but they’re always pretty, too.

For more exotic blooms, check here. I do have some cool bulb action on the GWI front.


And, of course (can’t resist), let a thousand teaflowers bloom!

Posted by on January 15, 2009 at 5:00 am, in the category Bloom Day.
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2 responses to “Let the understudies step forward”

  1. lawremc says:

    Aren’t teaflowers cool? My sis brought me back some from Taiwan last year. Guaranteed to attract attention.

    Not as cold in Alabama as in Buffalo but winter honeysuckle and earliest daffodils are blooming at my house.

  2. For all my urban outdoor gardening prowess, I cannot keep a houseplant alive. My partner (affectionately known as “Blog Widow”), however, has nurtured a lowly African violet on our tiny kitchen windowsill for a few years now. It was a Martin Luther King Day present from one of his parishioners. (*African* Violet, get it?!)