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Organic Christmas trees, and an easier certification


Interesting piece by Anne Raver in today’s New York Times.  She covers not just the
routine spraying of these trees with fungicides, but also the good news that the certification "Naturally Grown" is now available to organic growers who can’t afford the burdensome process of becoming certified "organic".   

It also looks looks to me like a better certification because it includes other sustainable gardening practices like erosion control and composting.

Photo credit:  Christmastree.org.

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5 responses to “Organic Christmas trees, and an easier certification”

  1. Nikki Smith says:

    Did you know the National Christmas is “naturally grown.” Well, at least I think it counts. The same tree has stood in front of the White House since 1978. Better than bringing in a cut tree like they used to. The National Park Service has a fun page all about the history of the tree. Just wanted to share!


  2. Ack! I never even thought about this. How could I have not thought about it?

  3. Barbara says:

    My My what ugly decorations!

    Well, at least underneath all that stuff somewhere is a naturally-grown tree.

  4. Old Kim says:

    Support your local grower instead of buying plastic trees at Walmart or Home Depot, or ETC. I think all plastic decor looks sucky and as I drive by homes decorated in plastic I think maybe I will have fun being green.
    If I got to spray my real greenery I’m educated enough not to want to hurt anyone.

  5. Lisa Albert says:

    Organically- and Oregon-grown Christmas trees have made the news lately. http://www.oregonlive.com/environment/index.ssf/2008/11/is_your_christmas_tree_green.html#more On his radio show yesterday, Mike Darcy (In the Garden, KXL radio) talked to at least one organic Christmas tree grower. Another aspect is that these growers also tend to grow the trees in a natural style – not sheared. Three cheers for this happy, healthy development!