Happy holidays from winter


Serious snow came early to Buffalo and to a lot of other gardens across the country. And even though 2008 has come and soon will be gone without my having learned how to use Photoshop any better, here is a collage of my snowy garden it let me make. The original images can be seen here.

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2 responses to “Happy holidays from winter”

  1. greg draiss says:

    Our photo club, made up of beginners, semi-pros like me and accomplished pros debate photoshop all the time.
    For instance if a branch is in the way remove it.

    Need another tree in the picture to frame the subject better clone one already in the picture.

    Photoshop is the “Brave New World” of the art scene. Seems like the line is crossed between the photographic eye that excellent photographers have and manipulation.

    Photography to me is the purest form of imagery art. Even Frederick Church could add something to his beautiful landscapes if he wanted to.
    Wanted to is the key……he did not need to.
    In the days of film and pre-photoshop what you saw what what ended up in the photo. Yes you can change depth of field, white balance, exposure etc. But the theme was there forever.

    For making collages and improving a picture ok use it.

    I hope the day never arrives when we just put our gardens into “Gardenshop” and change the original.

    The (not such a brave new world after all) TROLL

  2. Susan Harris says:

    Well, you once showed me how to do a collage in Photoshop and I was mighty impressed! I paid a neighborhood geek to teach me how to do it and now – a month later – I’ve forgotten how. Really lame here.