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Garden Rant on HomeGrown

On Sunday (12/14) Susan did an interview with the hosts of the HomeGrown radio show, Bob Hill and Jeneen Wiche. HomeGrown airs on Louisville’s public radio station, WFPL. Hill and Wiche talk to Susan about Garden Rant for a few minutes during this episode, which then goes on to feature a fascinating discussion on hollies.

I loved the holly talk. Thanks, HomeGrown!

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2 responses to “Garden Rant on HomeGrown”

  1. What fun! I love listening to homegrown.

  2. Nikki Smith says:

    That is so cool! Kudos to you, Susan. I hope to hear more rants are coming and to the air waves of Washington, D.C. … I have some friends that record podcasts of their DJ sets and share online. I can look into it more if you’d like.