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Chipping away at the rocks

Photo by Stven Damron (Flickr)

One trip among many that I have not taken is to the gorgeous Redrock wilderness in Utah. (Heck, I’ve not made it to the Rocky Mountains yet.) By this time next week there may be a bit less of it for me—and many others—to visit. According to this brief story on Reality Sandwich, one of the last acts of the current administration will be to sell off some of these lands to oil and gas speculators. It’s not been publicized much, but if you are interested, a last ditch effort to oppose this plan takes place here.

If you’re interested, that is. If not, no harm done by mentioning it.

Posted by on December 17, 2008 at 5:00 am, in the category Ministry of Controversy.
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5 responses to “Chipping away at the rocks”

  1. Regina Richards says:

    Well, a trip to the red rocks of Utah would surely be a blessing. However, the picture accompanying the blog is of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona. How did this picture get paired with your comment?

  2. Regina,
    It was labeled “Utah” by its photographer, whom I credited, as is the one I have just replaced it with (taking your word, because, as I said, I have not been there). All the rocks look very nice, but somewhat similar, to me, for that reason.

  3. I am the Operations Manager at the Western Colorado Botanical Gardens in Grand Junction, CO. GJ is on I-70 and if you need a break stop by. I’d love to show you our little garden. Needless to say I love Garden Rant. Keep up the good work.

  4. Elizabeth Neubauer says:

    I got a little excited at the prospect of a ranter in the neighborhood and I jumped the gun a little. What I meant to say was when you make your trip out west, come and visit. 😉

  5. eliz says:

    Thank you Elizabeth! (Great name BTW)

    I am very embarrassed that I have not seen these wonders in person and when I am out there I will definitely look you up!