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Orchid book winners!


Congratulations to Behind Closed Doors commenters Nandina and JimShy for winning the 2 orchid books.

They are Moth Orchids: The Complete Guide to Phalaenopsis, and Miniature Orchids, both by Steven A. Frowine. If you have ever received an orchid as a gift, most likely it was a phalaenopsis. These are unquestionably the easiest orchids to grow at home or even in the office; they are not quite as fussy about moisture and light as some of the other species. In Moth Orchids, Frowine introduces many new and gorgeous hybrids of phalaenopsis and shares every bit of knowledge he has about how to keep them alive and thriving, including information on light levels, potting, watering, feeding, trimming, and propagation.


The plants in Frowine’s Miniature Orchids range from two inches to twelve inches in height, so you can pack a lot more of them on a windowsill. I love the cover idea; an orchid growing in a delicate china teacup.

Frowine is a renowned orchid and tropical plant expert and has presided over several important collections, including the Missouri Botanic Gardens, where he managed over 10,000 orchids.

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3 responses to “Orchid book winners!”

  1. JimShy says:

    Thanks so much for giving these books away, Elizabeth and Gang!

    Looking forward to more great posts,


  2. nandina says:

    I have turned my back on orchids all these busy years knowing that I would become addicted if just one snuck into my life. When traveling I have visited wonderful orchid collections here and abroad saying…someday. Now retired I have no excuses. Am thrilled with this generous prize! Thanks, Elizabeth!