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Magazines get blogging


In the News-We-Like department, look at all these new blogs from the world of gardening magazines:

Organic Gardening has a blog for their staff and test bloggers (some of whom you’ll recognize as
GardenRant commenters), called Organic@Gardening.
I like their clear "About our Authors", with photos, etc.  But how about some categories, and why not call it OG Test Gardener
Blog toSunsetblog300 make it super-clear what it is?  Also listed on the OG website
under "blogs" is Good ‘N Planty (cute name!)

Next, Sunset Magazine ‘s Fresh Dirt is excellent.  And not just because they’re totaly on the delawning bandwagon, but that doesn’t hurt.   

Fine Gardening’s Dirt, the Views from the Garden just needs to tell us who those named authors ARE.  And keep up the good work.

Better Homes and Gardens has a blog – cleverly called Better Blog – and if you click the "gardening" tag, you find these posts.

Horticulture has a blog, too, but you’d never know it from looking at their website.  I found it via Google.

And on the local front, Washington Home and Garden has gobs of blogs, including an ecoblog, a tree blog, one for home and garden gadgets, and their Home and Garden Galore, whereFinegblog300 I’ve noticed the blogger reads other garden blogs and even mentions them occasionally! 

Nothing yet from Garden Gate Magazine, The American Gardener or Garden Design.

Any feedback for our new blogging friends?

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11 responses to “Magazines get blogging”

  1. I like checking in with the Sunset Fresh Dirt blog.
    Informative and inspiring stories that are well written and beautifully presented.
    ( frequent Garden Rant poster Lisa Albert is a wonderful contributor to the Fresh Dirt blog ).

    I only occasionally check in on the Fine Gardening blog. But when I do I usually find it informative, though to me it seems a little too heavy on the ‘buy this product’ side .

    Never checked in on the Organic Gardening blog before today. It looks both informative and entertaining, which is the main reason why I visit a blog in the first place.

    But for the sense of virtual community, excellent writing, fearless differing points of views, pertinent topics of great educational value, and shear fun entertainment it’s Garden Rant , hands down , the winner for me.

  2. mrtumnas says:

    Really impressed with the Organic Gardening Blog. Hadn’t been there before today either. Definitely will be checking back.

  3. Pam/Digging says:

    Chuck turned me onto Fresh Dirt recently, which is quite good.

  4. rochelle says:

    This is a good start, but I would like to see garden and garden design blogs featured as ‘good blogs’ in articles like the recent Domino magazine spread. The best blogs listed (for home, garden and design) were almost completely interiors. I have read all the comments and posts here regarding “home and Garden” really not being much of garden these days and I completely agree. Garden Rant and other well written garden blogs are a good start, but I think that going in a design-y eye candy direction will also help. Anyone know of other good blogs (for the landscape and garden) that are design-y?

  5. Lisa Albert says:

    Nice list, thanks for the heads up. Now I know what to do with myself while everyone else is watching football or shopping this weekend (although there are rumors the weather might be fall gardening perfection).

    Thanks, Michelle, for your praise! It helps to have creative friends who provide great material for posts. See an example of Michelle’s imaginative re-use, http://freshdirt.sunset.com/2008/11/out-of-the-ashe.html.

  6. Nikki Smith says:

    Thank you very much for noticing the blogging efforts of Washington Home & Garden magazine, particularly H&G Galore, and giving the positive feedback!

  7. Sharon Cohoon at Sunset (Fresh Dirt) has an excellent radar for interesting plants and garden ideas. I’m not sure how Sunset is persuading their already too busy editors to blog regularly but let’s hope it is with carrots and not sticks.

  8. I like the “About the Authors: idea – think I may borrow that one for our own site when it gets revamped soon. Meanwhile, I’m trying to like BH&G and Hort Mags blogs, but if not for their enewsletters would never remember or have the impulse to visit them.

  9. Lisa Albert says:

    Oh, idiot me … I fixed the link I posted above: http://freshdirt.sunset.com/2008/11/out-of-the-ashe.html

    Note to self – don’t add a period at the end of an url. Screws it up every time.

  10. Adriana says:

    I’ve been geeked out on Sharon and Fresh Dirt for a l-o-n-g time. Then I was featured in it. It was an honor.


  11. Abby says:

    Hi Susan,

    Thanks for the kind words and suggestions for the Organic Gardening Blogs! We have some great gardeners writing for the OG Test Gardener blog- I am a newbie gardener so I mostly write about organic living on goodnplanty, but I love reading about other people’s gardens :). Thanks again