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Gardening Blogs in the Baltimore Sun –
Read it and Weep?

Sure, you could feel sorry for me when you read in this B’more Sun article that before I started blogging "I was lonely."  The poor gardener toiling alone in her 1/3-acre garden for 23 years, pre-blogging, with no one to talk to. 

Fast forward to GardenRant, where I’ve seemingly zoomed right through "Nice to meet ya" to "Don’t ask US your gardening questions; we can’t be bothered."  You know, all attitude.

That’s what happens when you kick back and shoot the breeze with a particularly fun gardening columnist – at happy hour, no less.  Who KNOWS what’ll turn up in the article?  And really, who CARES? 

And it turns out that Susan Reimer lives just an hour away from me in Annapolis, within easy garden visit range.  More about her next spring! 

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8 responses to “Gardening Blogs in the Baltimore Sun –
Read it and Weep?”

  1. Oh Susan, how sad that you were such a lost soul before blogging. Sitting there in that garden all alone! Thank goodness you discovered computers and were able to make a name for yourself! LOL

  2. Pam J. says:

    I like the story. I like any news story that mentions worm poop.

  3. Boy, I don’t see you at all the way you’re portrayed in the article. I’m surprised. To drink with you is to know you.

  4. You can blog while wearing pajamas? I didn’t know that…

    I think I’ve been doing it all wrong…

    Dang. I have to go change now.

  5. firefly says:

    “Surveys suggest that gardeners tend to be older and not very savvy with computers. That is true to an extent.”

    Wow. Nothing like an ageist stereotype to light up your Sunday, eh?

    Since the Internet has been available to the public for almost 20 years now, I’d like to know what the definition of “older” and “not very savvy” is.

  6. MA says:

    She obviously didn’t have enough to drink. Take me with you next time.

  7. GardenGrrrl says:

    Gardeners do tend towards “older” forms of internet usage like forums and webrings. Not many gardeners on delicious, twitter, and friendfeed, although there are some. I don’t think that matters though, who cares if gardeners are early adopters or not?

  8. Good to see more Baltimore garden bloggers! Here’s hoping the gardening and the blogging catches on locally, we could use more flowers all around. They help distract from the abandoned houses scattered about waiting for renovation. 🙂