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Colorful in Maryland

For Gardenblogger "Bloom" Day, here’s a favorite scene or two from earlier this week.



And remember that Amsonia I showed you a few days ago?  Well, my wonderful neighbors have agreed to give me all their extras – 6 full-grown clumps!  I can already see them next fall against the backdrop of the new Iteas and Fothergilla I’m looking to buy.

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3 responses to “Colorful in Maryland”

  1. I love my amsonia. It partners well with itea ‘Litte Henry’ and illicium.


  2. Here is some of the fall color in my yard. The fothergilla blows me away with the intense color.


  3. Eric says:

    I felt horticultrally daring several years ago when I bought one of the encore azaleas when they were first introduced. After seven years in the garden, it’s a bit leggier and less dense than typical azaleas, but it does bloom endlessly – It bloomed prolifically right up until the hard frost I had two nights ago. It’s the most frequently asked about plant in my garden this time of year, because it frankly looks almost odd with it’s perky magenta flowers in an otherwise drab November Maryland garden.