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Much is made of “peak” foliage season across the Mid-Atlantic and New England. Around here we drive to Letchworth and Ellicottville at just the right weekend in late October when the colors are hottest.


But I also love the contrast between summer green and fall red when the leaves just begin to turn, as you can see at top and above. These pictures were taken in Niagara Falls, at the Whirlpool gorge and Deveaux State Park.

Posted by on October 12, 2008 at 12:00 pm, in the category Real Gardens.
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10 responses to “Show-offs”

  1. Elizabeth, that’s what our foliage looks like now, except we don’t have as many of the reds. We get our red foliage from sumac. Enjoy your show.~~Dee

  2. Our landscape in southern Wisconsin is doing a bit of everything depending on the tree — sugar maples are spectacular while the Korean maples are barely coloring and moosewoods have just about lost their leaves.

    Thanks for bringing back memories of Sunday afternoon trips to Letchworth with my parents and sisters. Not long after we got married, I dragged my husband to Letchworth (he loved it) and we stayed overnight in the Glen Iris Inn — a dream since childhood!

  3. Love these photos! We’re not “there” yet here in my part of NC. It’s about time for a rid to the NC mountains for the colors. Cameron

  4. kim says:

    I’m with you – I love the early changing, too. What I love best is the tapestry of all the different colors together – green included, but I haven’t seen “the look” just yet. Things are odd this year – the sugar maples are usually the last to turn, and they are already turning.

  5. Lisa Albert says:

    Lovely! Several friends of mine just left for a bike trip through New England to see the fall colors. Color me green with envy.

  6. Cameron, the mountains of North Carolina are bursting with color now. You can see some of it on my blog. Like I can tell with Elizabeth’s pictures, getting fall color to show up on pixels with the same intensity like you see with your eyes is one tough nut to crack. I keep trying.

  7. eliz says:

    I ought to have said in the post that these shots were taken in the worst possible conditions, high noon with a bad shadow falling over a lot of the gorge.

  8. eliz says:

    Also, you have to “save for web” which greatly reduces the intensity. OK, enough excuses.

  9. Elizabeth, my new excuse is my camera has a scratch on the outer lens. My last couple of posts are filled with excuses.

  10. commonweeder says:

    Elizabeth, this year we really have hit peak on Columbus Day – and that includes a lot of green still. I love the tapestry effect on our hills. I’ve got a photo on my blog, my excuse is just a pretty basic camera.