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A Day Late and a Bloom Short

Bloom Day in California–OK, so I’m a little late:


A few scraggly dahlias are left–this in spite of the fact that I almost never watered them…


My beloved Salvia confertiflora, which I am propagating right now in hopes of having much more next year….


And this crazy old fuchsia that seems to never STOP blooming.

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3 responses to “A Day Late and a Bloom Short”

  1. greg draiss says:

    Feel lucky you live where fuschia can grow like that.

    They are wonderful plants.
    Meanwhile (sigh)the warm spell is over in NY and today is a dreary rainy day. Too riany to grill so I am strecthed out on the couch reading my BBQ books before I go to WKZE to record a garden show for Sunday morning

    The (plays with fire) TROLL

  2. gardenmentor says:

    Funny what a difference a day makes. Yesterday my dwarf, laceleaf Japanese maple was green. Today its turning red. Tomorrow, it’ll probably be bare…how quickly the seasons change!

  3. Cindy, MCOK says:

    Thank you, thank you for the ID on that Salvia! I bought one, unlabeled, at a farmers’ market in New Orleans, pre-Katrina. It struggled along here for a while and then went roots up. At least now I know what to look for!