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The Portland Garden of Lucy Hardiman



Posted by on September 27, 2008 at 5:02 pm, in the category Real Gardens.
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11 responses to “The Portland Garden of Lucy Hardiman”

  1. Reading Dirt says:

    What ARE those things that look like sparklers in fourth picture? I want!

    I want the whole garden, actually…

  2. karen says:

    I see I’m not the only one who cheats on allium colors!

    Here’s my allium ‘globemaster’

    The allium pictured looks like schubertii which is sadly not hardy here in my Illinois garden.


  3. Kim says:

    I can see why this garden was your favorite – I love everything about it. Wish I could have seen it in person.

  4. naomi says:

    Is that rock mosaic by Jeffrey Bale? Everything in that garden melds so beautifully.

  5. Josh says:

    Everything is so green and lush. That stone mosaic is very cool!

  6. Lisa Albert says:

    Yes, the mosaic was made by Jeffrey Bale. He also did the mosaic work at Nancyland (Nancy Goldman’s garden) another GWA garden.

    Did you make it there, Susan? Even though our paths crossed several times that day, I don’t think we were quite on the same bus schedule. I didn’t get to Nancy’s but since I had visited Nancyland recently, ditto for Darcy Daniel’s garden, I took extra time in the other gardens.

    Lucy has been adding the dried Allium seed heads to that spot in her garden for as long as I can remember; painting them is a relatively new, very cool twist.

  7. More painted alliums here:

    Directions at the end of this post:

    For best results, you’ll need a paper plate.

  8. Yup, that garden was some kind of cool from the artwork, the yard art, and the painted alliums. I loved it all.~~Dee

  9. Lydia Plunk says:

    THANK YOU for posting. My camera batteries BOTH took this part of day off and I so wanted to share how FUN this garden was. Now I can.

  10. The garden has way too many knick knacks for my taste. I mean stuff like the glass balls.

    But most of the landscape decorations look nice.

    It’s nice that there are people who really enjoy gardens like this. With all the rank and file landscapes in the suburbs, it’s nice to have some inspiring gardens owned by people who understand what they are growing.

    M. D. Vaden of Oregon

  11. Jeffrey Bale says:

    Hi, Jeffrey Bale here. We built Lucy’s Flying carpet pebble mosaics in 2002 and 3. My best work is mostly out of town these days, which is a shame because Portland is my favorite place to work. So save your pennies for pebbles and commission a beautiful mosaic in your garden!