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Right on cue


Yes, a splash of red was just what was needed here. (Caught on site at Georgian Bay in Canada a few days ago.)

Posted by on August 20, 2008 at 10:00 am, in the category It's the Plants, Darling.
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4 responses to “Right on cue”

  1. Jane Marie says:

    Could that be Cardinal Flower? I know it likes to grow beside lakes and ponds or in wet ditches. Whatever it is, it stande right out.

  2. Eliz says:

    Yes, it is lobelia. I knew, but didn’t ID it, sorry.

  3. laura says:

    yes, lobelia…a hummingbird magnet

  4. Bob Vaiden says:

    I’ve seen whole sloughs full of Cardinal Flower in bloom…dark green shady sites with deep red flowers…incredible sight!

    They are hard to grow…they do well the first year or so, but die quickly, and don’t reproduce themselves well (is there such a thing as a perennial that lives just one year?:)

    Ironically, in my yard this year, all the plants near the pond died out…but a few in a raised bed in the vegetable garden seeded out into the path.

    Half of them are LAVENDER\ MAROON! I’ve never seen such a color in a Cardinal Flower! Are lavender Cardinal Flowers normally available from growers? Others growing right next to them are the usual bright red.

    I do have MANY Blue Lobelia… could it be a hybrid?