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Edibles Envy

Robin1400Reminding me that getting on airplanes is sometimes worth all the headaches are all the cool folks I met at the Gardenblogger Spring Fling in Austin, including Robin of the Bumblebee Blog and  Funny that I had to go to Texas to meet my fellow Marylander, who lives about an hour east of me close to the Chesapeake Bay.

After touring Austin together we had a nice email friendship going and, after some strategic hinting on my part, she invited me to visit her, her family and, of course, her garden.  Which garden gave me a serious case of envy for its beauty and the fat vegetables that come from it.Robin3400_2

So as further proof that edible gardens can be gorgeous, I present Robin’s Williamsburg-style kitchen garden, where she strolls stylishly with her harvesting basket, plucking the most promising of squash for dinner, which was absolutely as yummy as IRobin2350‘d hoped.

Over on my blog I posted more about Robin’s garden, this time the four-season foundation garden. 

Top photo, the view from the upstairs bedroom. 
Above, a close-up in the kitchen garden.  Left, Robin with son Ben and one of her lively Papillons.  (A dog breed that was news to me.)


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8 responses to “Edibles Envy”

  1. Layanee says:

    Isn’t it great to visit a fellow blogger’s garden? Well, I have only visited Kris’s from Blithewold so far but there will be many more I hope! Great pictures and Robin and Ben look so much alike!

  2. Michele Owens says:

    Wow! Now THAT’S what a vegetable garden ought to look like.

  3. TC Conner says:

    Lush and beautiful. A very nice little write up (both here and over at your SG blog).

  4. greg draiss says:

    Very orderly garden. I love the raised beds and the bark paths. I did cedar mulch in my paths this year and the look is much more inviting than the Greene County Play-doh like clay we have here.

    The (Greene with Envy) TROLL

  5. That is a beautiful vegetable garden. If we still had that wonderful magazine “Kitchen Gardener”, this one should be on the cover!

  6. Lisa says:

    Hi, Susan–
    I think it’s telling that you’re posting quite a bit about vegetable gardens (uh, I love mine…)

    Clearly vegetables are beautiful in the right space, so why not try it again yourself, if you have a moderately sunny area (not the lawn space in your front yard) or in a community garden plot.


  7. Pam/Digging says:

    It’s nice to see Robin’s lovely garden through your eyes, Susan. You guys were such fun to hang out with that Sunday after the Spring Fling, and I’m glad that event kicked off some local friendships among the attendees.

  8. Kim says:

    I’ve been eyeing Robin’s garden with envy through her blog for a while – she and that lovely garden deserve the highlight. Must get me one of those fences . . . . .