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Did I say henbane? I meant castor bean. No, wait…

UK Celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson recommended that cooks use henbane in a salad, causing a dust-up in the UK media.  He’s terribly sorry; he thinks he meant to say "fat hen," also known as lamb’s quarters or Chenopodium album L..  His quote apparently got past the fact-checkers at Healthy & Organic Living Magazine, but they’ve written to subscribers to apologize and included a correction in the next issue.

This is not the first time his recipes have caused a controversy; a Snickers Pie recipe that includes 5 Snickers bars, puff pastry, mascarpone, and eggs drew criticism for serving up a whopping 1,250 calories per slice.  Yum!

Posted by on August 4, 2008 at 10:27 am, in the category Eat This.
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5 responses to “Did I say henbane? I meant castor bean. No, wait…”

  1. Rosella says:

    What’s a little henbane among friends? After all these days we do try to make our food attractive to the eye as well as the palate, and a little lily-of-the-valley makes a most attractive garnish on a salad. And, why pray tell, should we toss the rhubarb leaves and use only the stalks? Seems wasteful to me. And those castor beans should be used, in these times of shortage. Perhaps we should seek out some really special fungi such as amanitas — soooo beautiful, and I am sure someone could contrive a very special dish of castor beans and amanitas. With maybe some datura metel for flavour?

  2. Old Kim says:

    Latin is better and more accurate. Gardening needs science. Shay men and women are out for the buck.
    I wasted some time here.

  3. Kitt says:

    I’d eat that Snickers pie.

    And lamb’s quarters, for that matter. I keep meaning to cook up a batch, since they’re somewhat abundant in the corners of my garden that I’ve neglected to weed.

    You can cook another weed, purslane, too:

    I wonder what the likelihood is of someone actually searching out and eating henbane based on Thompson’s advice.

  4. Lois, Zone 5 says:

    For Rosella:

    Here’s a story in this morning’s news about a guy who used castor beans to almost kill himself but may end up in jail for possessing a biological toxin:

    The prosecutor in the case believes unemployed graphic designer Roger Bergendorff had enough ricin powder to kill more than 500 people.

  5. Rosella says:

    Yikes! Guess you don’t need the amanitas as well! But why did he have two silencers but no guns? Strange story