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What is it about yellow? (GBBD in Buffalo)


As I also mention over at my blog, certain colors seem to spell success for some cultivars. Like these yellow trumpet lilies. Variously called Golden Splendour, Golden Sunburst, Golden Sceptre, and so on, these are huge, waxy, fragrant, and long-lasting—much more so than their white and pink brethren. At least in my experience.

Then I think of the seemingly indestructible rudbeckia, and then I consider the yellow erythronium, which is more persistent in my garden than any of the other trout lilies.

Anyway, it’s the 15th and these yellow blooms have my attention.

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11 responses to “What is it about yellow? (GBBD in Buffalo)”

  1. Donna says:

    Those are beautiful. I don’t have trumpets. I must get some.

  2. I love the beautiful yellow blooms of this trumpet lily. Yellow blooms brighten up the garden.

  3. susan harris says:

    What is it about NY that brings out the lily-lover in everyone?

  4. commonweeder says:

    Thanks for this tip about yellow flowers. I have lilies which are not quite blooming, but I realize over and over again how pink and white, with some purple, seem to dominate my garden. Yellow goes with pink!

  5. My children are rapidly becoming keen gardeners and often look over my shoulder at the latest blog posts. Today, they voted your picture of the yellow lilies as their “photograph of the day”.

  6. Michele Owens says:

    Well, I’m interested to read this, because in my yard, the lilies with trumpet-shaped flowers have been kinda disappointing, whereas everything else is huge and spectacular.

    My lilium regales, for example, are short and spindly. I’ve been assuming that it’s because they’re not getting quite enough light. But maybe the problem is that they’re not yellow.

  7. eliz says:

    Children’s gardener–that is so cool. My husband’s comment: “Those tulips got really big.”

  8. Rosella says:

    “My husband’s comment: “Those tulips got really big.”

    Thus proving his relationship to my husband, who wouldn’t recognize a tulip if it had its name printed on each of its petals.

    Gorgeous lilies! Someone in my neighbourhood had a big yellow lily that looks like this one, and I asked her one morning what it’s called. She said she bought it in a plastic bag at Home Depot and had no idea. So, now I know. Thanks!

  9. Frances says:

    I also grew this one as Golden Splendor for the first time this year and they were huge, long lasting and exceptionally fragrant. The Regales were short and spindly, this their second year, but we are in a drought so I blamed the regale performance on that. It doesn’t explain the Golden Splendor’s magnificence. I am hoping to save seeds from this one.

  10. luise h. says:

    Those Lilies are great,but did you say you have yellow Troutlilies?Mine are pink,speckeld with maroon.You have yellow (swoon).

  11. eliz says:

    Yes, they are the “Pagoda” variety. They are available from Brent and Becky’s and other places.