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Bloom Day California: Help! I’m a Daisy Farmer!


Posted by on July 15, 2008 at 9:31 am, in the category Real Gardens.
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7 responses to “Bloom Day California: Help! I’m a Daisy Farmer!”

  1. eliz says:

    That is so beautiful. Drat you people with sun and open space!!

  2. chey says:

    Sweet! Totally wild and natural. There’s something so innocent about daisies.

  3. I love the sea of daisies in your garden. How lovely!

  4. Amy Stewart says:

    My Shasta daisies are surprisingly happy in half-day shade, and they’ll do just fine in a little 12-in strip between the walkway and the house. They do get big and floppy, but that’s what shears and vases are for….

  5. Nancy Bond says:

    Absolutely beautiful! They conjure up memories of my teenaged years, for some reason. A flower child, perhaps? Daisies are so bright and welcoming.

  6. You actually farm the things? Isn’t that a bit like herding cats? Here I have a feral colony of daisies.

  7. Every year I swear that I’m going to dig and move the Shastas because they are bed hogs.

    Here in zone 7 the flowers are pooped out already and I could start taking them out but will I?

    Maybe and maybe not because they look like your photo every summer.

    It looks like a beautiful spot and I bet you find yourself staring at it every day.