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The horrible-garden-project winners!


Everyone should win. I’ve never read a more hilarious, pathetic, and, yes, inspiring group of gardening stories. Though I did have to pick winners, at least Fine Gardening is nice enough to award subscriptions to three runners up. Here they are and very brief excerpts from their stories (visit the post to read them in full):

Tai Haiku: The obelisk wouldn’t stand up, dad fell off the retaining wall and cracked a rib on his wheelbarrow and the water only bubbles lopsidedly down the side of the obelisk shielded from view.(Image at top.)


Kim: All I hear is “we have to tear down the wall and YOU have to rebuild it.” That’s not what he’s SAID, but it sure is what I’ve HEARD. And my mind just cannot handle what I know is true.(image of the wall above)

SuzQ: After consultation at a local water garden center, we built Pond V 2.0. Got a bigger vessel and dug a deeper hole. More pond liner. Still leaked. Worse: heavy rain deposited silt into the bottom of the vessel. Pump started acting funny so we only turned it on for guests

And here’s the grand prize winner, who will win a set of Fine Gardening specialty mags as well as a subscription:

Vera Patrick: Summer of 2008
Installing an enabling, prairie native garden at the front entrance of Kennedy Middle School, Rockford IL for the 6-8th grade low functioning students, half of which are wheelchaired. Raised beds, pully operated hanging baskets, shallow pan garden beds, raised pool and water wall, adapted tools,tactile bed, vertical wall garden, container court and plants for the senses.
The magazines would be housed in the school and year long magazine subsciption utilized by the special education teachers and non-degreed horticultural therapist. We do this for the children who can’t bend down to touch the ground, we bring it to them. Completion Fall 2008 pictures to follow 🙂

Thanks for playing, everyone.

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6 responses to “The horrible-garden-project winners!”

  1. susan harris says:

    Great winner, great runners-up, great contest.
    Eliz, keep it up!

  2. Kim says:

    Wow! Thanks so much. I never win anything, and it figures that when I finally do win, it would be for something horrible. 😉 Thanks again, and congratulations to all the winners.

  3. Enjoyable reading.
    Congrats to the students and teachers who will benefit greatly from this new addition to their horticultural library.

  4. suzq says:

    Wow. We didn’t even need to break a rib.

    Congrats to all as well.

  5. Jen says:

    Congrats! These things have been entertaining to read…things rarely seem to go as we plan!

  6. tai haku says:

    wow – congrats to the others who won. I’m sure dad will say it was well worth the cracked rib!