Topiaries in a different league


Thanks to a reader in Columbus, OH for sending me a link to topiaries in China, prepared especially for the Olympics.  Her comment: "No
matter what one thinks about topiary or the Chinese search for global
validation, the sheer amount of work and care involved in keeping these things
growing is impressive."

True, but these ivy-stuffed wire thingies are nothing like Pearl Fryar’s topiaries, slowly achieved with actual trees.



Update: we’ve discovered some technical difficulties on this site and one reader told us they started when I posted this article with a link to the Chinese topiaries.  So I removed it in hopes that the mysterious Chinese link somehow caused our problems and they’re now gone!


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5 responses to “Topiaries in a different league”

  1. I adore topiaries. I wish I had the skill and patience to create one here in my garden. There are some fabulous forms out there. And I love the idea of adding some whimsy that doesn’t involve tacky big box garden “art.”

    Robin at Bumblebee

  2. Poor Buxom Bottom Busty Betty.
    She is the 6 year old larger than life size topiary that I have in my front yard.
    Sometime this past winter during a wind storm she lost one of her eyes.
    So she is now a one eyed cyclopped big busted, huge butted topiary woman over looking my perennial border.
    Her chapeau made of succulents is a bit shoddy too.
    Perhaps this weekend I will trim her bush , give her horticultural liposuction , a breast reduction and find her other eye.
    Then she will be worthy to be photographed again.
    Lest you think I am crazy, my sister has a complete zoo .

  3. susan harris says:

    Michelle, got pictures? We need to see Betty!

  4. Lois Hinrichs says:

    To everyone who experienced problems:
    I’m the unknowing jerk who sent that link to Susan. I apologize and hope there’s no permanent damage. Damn and double damn! And now I’m going out into the yard to work off my frustrations with some heavy pruning.
    Lois in Columbus

  5. Annie says:

    Those leaping dolphins are cool! Quite beyond my skills though. I did get a kick out of “dog breed topiaries” that someone blogged about a while back.


    I guess you can get the frame for your favorite breed and then just trim when the leaves hit the wire.