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GardenRant Edition.  The original is archived here.

In the News

Consumer Reports

did some polling about a turf and found that
64% said their neighbor has a better lawn than they do; 23% said they spend at
least 5 hours a week doing yard w
ork, 79% said they never use hearing protection
while mowing, and 12% said they throw back a few brews while pushing the mower. 
Wow, it’s dangerous out there – surveys also show that almost no
one reads
product directions.Brisbaneguerrillas250

• Speaking of gardeners who might be knocking back
some brews (all national
stereotyping aside, of course) how about these Aussies?  Would you believe –
they’re Guerrilla Gardeners
intent on doing good work.  Hmm, you’d think law-breakers would try NOT to attract attention.

• More on the increasing popularity of gardening: in
, in
the SF Chronicle,
the The Wall Street Journal, the News-Herald.com, and Knoxvillebiz.com.

On the Blogs

• There’s a great review of the battery-powered Neuton lawnmower by Nancy at Gardening Gone Wild.

rain barrels the new hot item?
asks Project Green Industry. They say they
haven’t seen so much buzz since Crocs!

• Treehugger.com is pretty excited about a product that might just meet city dwellers’ composting


• On my blog I covered rejuvenation pruning of shrubs
like azaleas and weigelas in "It’s June, time to
."  And my first Paul James Report
reveals his love affair with mycorrhizal fungi and his best lawn care

Blogger Gossip

•Just a month or so after About.com hired Colleen Vanderlinden to write their organic gardening articles, Robin at Bumbleebee BLog got herself hired by the Examiner papers as National Gardening Examiner.  Woo-hoo!   And well deserved.  I met and bonded with my fellow Marylander at the Austin meet-up; now if I can only snag an invitation to come see her garden.

Anne Raver wrote a terrific profile of journalist Margaret Roach, her garden, and her blog A Way to Garden.  This quote captures the feelings of so many bloggers: "’Do I want to hand stories to some magazine and have them rewrite
them?’ she said. ‘Forget about it; I’m not doing it. I’m not doing it.
Did I say I’m not doing it? You know what? I can’t. I’m sorry. It’s
just not a stage in my life I can go to.’  Amen, sister."   

What’s New on Sustainable-Gardening

has its own section now with my own articles, plus links and
recommended books.  Got more to suggest?  Send ’em along.

• And
Ground covers
also have their own section, and 12 of the little buggers have
their own page.  There are a couple more coming up soon (the icky English ivy,
for one) but I frankly needed a break.

My So-Called Second Career


• That’s the home page of the EcoWomen
website heralding (in a photo too large for comfort) their monthly event – ME.  I chatted away about urban gardening and using the Internet and all that good stuff and these young women were right there, I tell ya!  I met community gardeners, a teacher of Master Naturalists for the Audobon Society, a hort teacher, several composter wannabes, and volunteers for the DC Urban Gardeners.  Some serious networking!

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7 responses to “Sustainable Gardening News”

  1. Margaret says:

    Thank you for mentioning my blog and quote, which in 5.5 hours of interview that day seems to have really struck the deepest chord with Anne. Getting many journalist emails on the subject now. Having been an editor, too, I always marveled at how strange it seemed to want to emasculate/erase any hint of the writer, but many do. Don’t fix what’s not broken, was always my theory of editing (and hire the voice to write it that you want hear come through when it’s published, and let it speak).

  2. DJ Monet says:

    Thanks for the interesting links!

  3. Great links – thanks!

  4. Colleen says:

    Okay, who did the “Gardeners for Obama” badge, and can I please put it up on my blog? That is just too sweet.

  5. susan harris says:

    Hey, I thought it WAS Colleen’s blog where I saw the Obama graphic – oops. I just Googled the phrase “gardeners for obama” and found a completely different one, by the way. When I Googled “Gardeners for McCain,” there’s nothing there, though Cafe Press DOES have “Gardeners against McCain.”

  6. Colleen says:

    Yep, I just have the generic “Obama ’08” badge on mine. I’m adding the Gardeners for Obama one, too 🙂

    Gardeners Against McCain—ha!

  7. Denise says:

    Not the bumblebees too! Interesting to note that while North American scientists are hard at work “studying the effects of a relatively new class of pesticides called neonicotinoids,” France and Germany has already banned such pesticides.