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Sowing as you pedal


Is there any other kind of gardening than vegetable gardening and guerilla gardening? If you went solely on media coverage, you might wonder. I’m all for the new interest in gardening, no matter what kind it is. Here’s a review of movement guru Richard Reynold’s book On Guerilla Gardening (which I have not yet read). I also saw a long discussion of vegetable gardening on the Washington Post website, and an account of how British reality show Big Brother will now make the contestants grow their own potatoes and carrots as part of their residence in the Big Brother house. And of course the LA Times and NY Times have recently weighed with big features on both types.

But I really got a kick out of Bloom, a device that you attach to your bike and, as you ride, seed-containing bubbles waft along your route. It’s based on the way dandelions spread seeds.

I don’t see myself using it, and question its ultimate efficacy, but I thought it was cute nonetheless. HT Reality Sandwich, one of my favorite sites for interesting stuff.

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5 responses to “Sowing as you pedal”

  1. Daphne Gould says:

    Oh I have to laugh at the image of bubble seeds. I so want one. Not for the seed part, but it would be so funny to bike down the road leaving bubbles in your wake.

  2. greg draiss says:

    nvr sed i cud type goud

  3. Can you read good? Before you click post.

    I always fantasized about spreading Zephyranthes seeds all over Maui. Do they make a bubble seeder for cars? Then of course you would need to pick the right music as you drive along.

  4. Mathi says:

    Too bad the bubbles wouldn’t work for sunflowers. I tend to think the sight of a sunflower growing unexpectedly out of a crack in the pavement would make a lot of people smile.

    Could just walk around ‘accidentally’ dropping sunflower seeds I suppose.

  5. bellastagiona says:

    cute idea, but…too bad our american cities are so zealous in looking after their (misplaced?) heavy investments in sidewalks and roads, and employ crews which would spray all the sprouts with vicious, toxic herbicides without a second thought.