Potty-mouthed gardenbloggers


"Potty-mouthed" is how Colleen described herself after seeing her 4.2 score on the Cuss-o-Meter.  That’s
the percentage of her pages that contain "cuss words," and it seems awfully innocent to me.  After all, the average across the blogosphere is 9 percent.  But by plugging in a few URLs of other gardenblogs she discovered that our world is exceptionally clean-mouthed, with most scoring 1 percent or lower – til she discovered that GardenRant earned an "impressive 4." I take full credit responsibility for that, by the way – my partners show commendable restraint in that department.

Commenters weighed in, some leaving little cuss-bombs to improve Colleen’s score, and it’s a hoot. (Check it out.) Colleen may have a brand new baby but it’s nice to see she still finds time for creative expression.   

You can also go directly to the Cuss-o-Meter.

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7 responses to “Potty-mouthed gardenbloggers”

  1. Daphne Gould says:

    Damn it I scored a 0. I guess I just don’t swear at the bugs eating my plants much. Revenge is so much sweeter.

  2. Kitt says:

    Funny! I’m at 1.7, but they don’t tell you what words they consider cussin’!

  3. I register a big fat 0 % in regards to the cuss-o-meter on my blog, Garden Porn.

    But I have a very disturbing and checkered past at the website DavesGarden. com

    Several times I have been reprimanded for using ‘Unacceptable language’ and or words.

    Evidently someone was greatly offended when I called myself queer.
    The word was used in context to describe myself as odd and eccentric , otherwise known as queer.

    Queer words are not allowed at Dave’s.

    The term ; “ The Full Monty” is also prohibited.
    The administration finds it to be too suggestive with sexual innuendo ! ? !
    Please do not let your weeds go ‘Full Monty’.

    And don’t even bridge the thought of being a garden dominatrix.
    That is just way toooo much of an ‘adult concept’ .

    Golly gee whiz Gomer..

  4. eliz says:

    I had no idea Dave’s was so straitlaced. Goodness me. I got a 1.4%, but that was only when I entered the actual blogger address of my blog, gardening while intoxicated. If I enter any of the .com names I use for the site (allentowngardener.com, or gardeningwhileintoxicated.com) it says 0.

  5. Colleen says:

    Heh. I’m still waiting for you ladies to catch me 🙂

    I had to laugh when I saw that 4.2% was considered high among garden bloggers. But, as Eliz said in my comments, the garden blogosphere is definitely a kinder, gentler place than most of the blogosphere is.

  6. I scored a demure 0:

    “Around 0% of the pages on your website contain cussing. This is 100% LESS than other websites who took this test.”

    Little do they know …