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Bloomsday, Michele Version

While other exciting stuff is happening, especially the water lilies and flag iris on my pond, Elizabeth’s right.  June 15 is about the roses and it’s been a great year for them.  Is the unusually hot weather we’ve been having the key?

Please excuse the high-noon photos.  Here is a New Dawn in my city yard, with the last of the Sarah Bernhardt peonies, screaming for color contrast.  What can I say?  Life is short and the art is long.


And here are a pair of William Baffins in my vegetable garden.  They have a really nice yellow-pink color and a great country look, but, man, are they taking their time climbing those arches.  Year three and still at five feet.


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2 responses to “Bloomsday, Michele Version”

  1. eliz says:

    Those William Baffins are the super-hardy ones, right? I have been wanting to try those types, but maybe with the warmer temps it will not be necessary!