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A good day for blooms


Word is around here that this is one of the best summers for roses, ever. Even the few I have (Abraham Darby above) are doing pretty well, while a recent check of our local official rose garden (I think it’s just called the rose garden) showed every bush in every row exploding with color. With roses you pretty much have to take close-ups; the bushes aren’t really attractive and the flowers are just blobs from any distance.


In terms of other floriferous activity in my garden, this climbing hydrangea is at its peak, and all the plants surrounding the little pond (below) are doing great, considering they were so recently installed. I rely on these ordinary plants—lamium, lysimachia, and the like—to fill in my many shady areas.

And there’s more … I think I’d rather be sitting outside enjoying it, but it will be fun to check out what other people have posted later.


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  1. Lovely shots, Elizabeth. I think the lamium and golden creeping jenny at the base of the pond look great together, but I’m surprised that one hasn’t killed off the other yet! (And I wonder which one would win?)