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The Power of the Plant Swap


The first-ever DC Urban Gardener Plant Swap reminded me once again why they’re so

The day before, you look around your garden for plants you can give away.  And after a glorious hour at a farmer’s market, lots of new gardeners and a few old-timers are taking home free plants that succeeded in gardens near them.  Perennials for sun or shade, shrubs and trees, houseplants and lots of edibles.  Everybody’s talking about plants.  And gardening is oh, so affordable.  Here’s our report. 

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3 responses to “The Power of the Plant Swap”

  1. Carolyn says:

    Susan, speaking of affordable gardening, check out what a Napa gallery/shop/gathering place/community garden called The Nest is up to. You can get to their web sites via links on my blog, or through links provided below. Their motto: Live creatively, give generously.

  2. LetsPlant says:

    I always seem to miss out on the swaps. I would definitely attend if there were one near me!!

  3. commonweeder says:

    One local gardener in South Deerfield, MA has made a career of sorts out of swapping. Bette Sokoloski holds a swap at her house twice a month all spring and summer, plants, cuttings, pots, eggs, who knows what will show up. Well organzied and very educational. Here’s to Bette and all the swappers.