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Speaking of Garden Walk


You’ll notice a little Garden Walk emblem in the right sidebar. Click on it and you’ll arrive at the Garden Walk Buffalo website, which has been thoroughly overhauled. I can’t imagine there is any question about attending Garden Walk that it does not answer, but if you truly are interested, please let me know. (Email is probably best: ealicataatyahoodotcom.)

I am arranging a few events, as I know we’ll have visitors from out of town this year (including Michele, who was here all too briefly last summer). It is just a couple get-togethers, as the Walk itself tends to keep people pretty busy. But please let me know if you are interested in attending—we expect 300 gardens to be on this summer—and I’ll help however I can.

Above, you see this year’s poster. Ain’t it purty? (I’ve been watching the Western channel.)

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3 responses to “Speaking of Garden Walk”

  1. susan harris says:

    It’s gorgeous! You must have some design/PR genius working for the cause.

  2. It sho is purty. The anthers even look like little shoes on the whole stamen that looks like legs.

  3. Actually, the poster is designed by Sue Hough, a stalwart Garden Walk committee member and art director the a Buffalo advertising agency Travers Collins & Company.

    The image (a manipulated photo) is by Eileen Greatz, a Garden Walk gardener.

    Each year we have an open call for artwork for our poster. A committee of 4-5 committee members, led by Elizabeth–a past and current freelance curator–select from the dozens of submissions.

    Eileen just happens to be a GW gardener, its not a requirement. Each year the artist is usually available for signing the posters for our various events.

    We’re blessed with creativity from gardening to fine arts here in Buffalo. Check out our past GW posters at: