Or, the rooftop as friend-magnet

If "friends" are what you call people who just want to mooch off your rooftop, especially if it has a pool. 

Coincidentally, there’s a story in today’s WaPo about the social climbing side of private outdoor spaces in urban areas, and it’s not a pretty picture.  See, in this world your goal is to progress from rooftop to rooftop pool to in-ground pool with grill and finally arrive at belonging "to a country club in Chantilly.  It has a pool, horseshoes and a snack bar.  The life."  (Chantilly’s a wealthy exurb of D.C.)

While I totally get feeling desperate to be outdoors when the weather’s nice, to everything else in this story can I just say: Ick!

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4 responses to “Or, the rooftop as friend-magnet”

  1. The “hierarchy of summer” sounds much like “the grass is greener.” And high school.

  2. Definitely ick. But then, that’s my response to the article as a whole. It does leave me wanting to dive into clear water, but not on anyone’s roof.

  3. Pam J. says:

    This post reminded me of a John Cheever short story called “The Swimmer” which I found on the internet and re-read this afternoon. Thanks!

  4. I didn’t know “The Swimmer” was originally a John Cheever story, Pam. I just remember it as a very strange movie with Burt Lancaster.