More high-risk behavior – barefoot in the park

Neil Simon be damned.  Among the hazards of going barefoot in city parks:

  • Athlete’s foot, if the grass is wet.
  • Plantar warts, ditto.
  • Hookworm from walking on dirt.
  • Grass cuts – because it can be that sharp.  Huh?

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5 responses to “More high-risk behavior – barefoot in the park”

  1. Lisa Albert says:

    Killjoys. Funny no one added the dangers of walking barefoot on grass that has been chemically enhanced. Life is risk and while I’m not one to go around daring fate to get me, I don’t think I could resist the pleasure of walking barefoot in the grass for the rest of my life.

    That’s a favorite movie of mine, btw.

  2. Mathi says:

    It would probably also depend on how tough your feet were. If you spend a lot of time barefoot on the beach too you get a lot of callus.

  3. lesliet says:

    Bee stings if there’s clover in the grass. Poison ivy.

  4. Stacy says:

    They’ll stop me from walking barefoot in the grass when they, er…nail my flip flops to my feet. Hm. I may have to rethink that declaration.

  5. Emmakw says:

    Geese poo! we have tons of it on our local park! And of course, doggie doo thanks to those a-holes who refuse to scoop the poop!! Add these to the above and now I wonder why anyone would ever go to the park!!! But nothing is better than feeling that lush, cool grass beneath your tootsies on a warm spring day!!