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Got shade?


Then you might want to see if a garden center in your area has the new “Moon” series of torenias (wishbone flower) from Danziger Flower Farms. I happened upon these at the local botanical garden plant sale this weekend. These little annuals (for me) are great container plants in shade, but I never knew they came in something other than blue or purple. The Moon color mixtures are pretty neat; they remind me of viola mixes, but will stand up to summer much better, if they’re like the other torenias. I think these were introduced last year, but this is the first I’ve seen of them. Yellow Moon is shown above; there are also Magenta Moon, Rose Moon, and others. Perhaps some of you have tried these.

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9 responses to “Got shade?”

  1. Kim says:

    I tried some last year and other torenia once before. I can usually grow just about anything, but these things die on me within a couple of weeks of buying them. They seem to get some kind of fungus and are gone within 2-3 days, while the coleus and fuchsia I have in the pot with them last all summer. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  2. eliz says:

    Huh. My experience is pretty good with the blue ones, but I think I had them by themselves. I have had a couple plants die, but I always lose a few annuals, so I didn’t think anything of it. At least the badness did not hurt your coleus or fuchsia.

    I have almost a flat of these, so I will report on them.

  3. I just planted the new Catalina White Linen in a hanging basket with double impatiens and coleus. I had regular old blue last year in a similar spot which did really well, so I’ve got my fingers crossed. I also planted Summer Wave Large Violet and Blue with double impatiens and coleus in other hanging baskets. One side of the house is shaded all day.

  4. Nancy says:

    I saw this just yesterday growing out of a stone wall – they were just beautiful. Thanks for more info about them!

  5. Layanee says:

    Eliz: I bought Yellow Moon just this weekend. I will post the plant combo sometime today. I like it. Can’t say I’ve grown Torenia before but others swear by it. Time will tell.

  6. Laura says:

    Torenia has done well for me in dry semi-shade. A couple weeks ago I planted a flat of Yellow Moon in some bare spaces around the Blue Lady hellebores and the alchemilla and it looks great. I haven’t had problems with diseases in the past, but I’ve always put them in the ground rather than containers.

  7. bev says:

    I’ve had issues with torenia similar to Kim. I garden in Va. in zone 7, if that makes any difference. I’d love to know what’s wrong because I have lots of SHADE. (:

  8. linda says:

    I love blue flowers, and have used blue torenia in containers and hanging baskets for years. It’s always been a sturdy plant for me, don’t remember ever losing one. I’d love to find those new varieties around here. I haven’t seen them anywhere yet.

  9. Jaclin says:

    I garden is zone 7 also and I have had mixed luck with Torenia. But there are 2 general varieties available- one upright (think clown series) and one trailing (in more subdued colors). I always have trouble with the upright variety and have had good luck with the trailing. I bought Yellow Moon also this year (who could resist?) and it seems to have the trailing fowm so I am guardedly optimistic. I put them in a pot as an underplanting to Colcasia Black Magic with which it has a nice color echo. We’ll see!