Taking Your Gardening Dollar

San Francisco Garden Show? Anyone?

I’ll be there Wednesday, which all the cool kids know as Senior Skip Day, the day when you call in sick and go see the garden show sans crowds.  (Hint:  Mysterious stomach virus.  Does not require use of fake cough, and just might be one of those 24-hour bugs that will get you back to work on Thursday, pale and wan and nobly turning down the chips and salsa because you’re just not ready to face spicy food yet. Mention need to keep bucket by bed and nobody will press you for details.)

Anyway, if you’re there on Wednesday, meet me at the Mrs. Dalloway’s booth at noon, or at the garden writers’ press thing that evening.  And if you’re there after Wednesday, send us a full report.

Posted by on March 10, 2008 at 9:35 pm, in the category Taking Your Gardening Dollar.
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5 responses to “San Francisco Garden Show? Anyone?”

  1. Oh, bloody hell. I was going to go on Friday because there are more seminars I’m interested in on that day. I’ve only got free tix for one day.

    Great that you’re hooked up with the Mrs. Dalloway’s folks. That seems like a really interesting business.

  2. Leslie says:

    I’m hoping to go Saturday…wish I had the kind of job it was possible to call in sick!

  3. grouchylisa says:

    There IS a 24-hour stomach virus in circulation in Reno right now. If it’s in Reno, it means it’s also in the Bay Area. So claim “tummy bug”, and just call it Norovirus.

  4. I will be living there for the entire week.
    come on by an say hi

    at A Zen Spa Garden.


  5. gina says:

    I was there yesterday (Wed) but missed the meeting the meeting time! You can see my review on the garden show blog http://mygardenspaces.com/SFblog/?p=253 or at my blog http://www.myskinnygarden.blogspot.com

    The show as great!