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Garden Show Idea: Run a Pole Through Flower Pots

Posted by on March 8, 2008 at 9:51 am, in the category Designs, Tricks, and Schemes.
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34 responses to “Garden Show Idea: Run a Pole Through Flower Pots”

  1. Tina says:

    Seriously? They’ve just caught on to this? That idea has run rampant for at least the last five years. Wow, they need to get with the times. Or will they be doing half-barrel ‘spill pots’ next?

  2. Michele Owens says:

    Okay, with this photo, you have changed my mind about flower shows. I can now imagine that one could be a ton of fun–provided you had a few drinks first and went with a really sarcastic friend.

  3. Melanie says:

    Oh yes, I want one of these. Why it looks so natural, almost as if they tumbled that way all on their own, if only I could have one of these in my garden too…sigh…

    Sometimes you just have to stop and ask yourself “why”.

  4. Nancy Bond says:

    I’ve seen these in photos before, but never really thought about how it is done. I like this! It might be a good addition to my balcony garden. 🙂

  5. karen says:

    I cannot believe we are selling these at the garden centre where I work this spring…..more plants, less stuff, please.

  6. A version of these were on display at the Horticulture Industry Show in Dallas last year.

    The “inventor” staffing the table would not allow photos because he did not want anyone to steal his proprietary design.

    And, yet, there it is. You photographed it, capturing its spirit.

    You might be served. Watch the door for a stranger bearing a large envelope.

    We laughed as we walked away from his booth and I wonder how many garden center owners placed an order with him that weekend.

  7. Grey says:

    Oh hey, good idea! I’m the VP of our local garden club, and we don’t have a “program” for this Wednesday’s meeting. Voila!!!!

    Thank you, you just saved my kiester.

  8. You know what happens when pots are angled like that? The soil falls out and they’re a bitch to water.

    Two points for whimsy, though. Tina’s right… this one’s been around for years in the crafty gardener realm.

  9. I’ve been making tipsy pots for a few years now. The way to overcome the watering situation is not to fill the pot totally with soil. And if you water slowly the problem is almost non existant. Glad to see some commercial places have been checking out those of us that are Garden Junkers. I do have the directions on my website and my blog.

  10. But Crafty Gardener, I water REALLY FAST, and in my warm climate an under-filled pot means a commitment to watering I’m not willing to make. Guess I’m not a good candidate for a tipsy pot, huh? 😉

    They are fun looking, but I’d rather make a garden “junk” totem!

  11. virginia kirby says:

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  12. virginia kirby says:

    i’m looking for a shrub which blooms on bare wood very early spring here in colorado, yellow pompom type flowers, raspberry type leaves, and propogates by runners. Not forsythia, can anyone identify?

  13. Donna Moss says:

    I bought one of the poles on which a series of clay pots mount at various angles and can’t find the directions that came with it. Does anyone know where I can get them?

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  20. Wow that is just an awesome idea, that would come in very useful for patio’s, balconies and places that have limited spaces. I am going to try do this for my balcony, its going to give such character to the place. Thanks for sharing this idea.

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