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“Feisty” Foursome Welcomes Washington Post Readers


Thanks to gardenwriter (and future blogger?) Adrian Higgins for his profile of GardenRant in the
Washington Post, and welcome first-time readers! 

You might start your tour of GardenRant with our Manifesto on the left, followed by links to our bios, and "About Us," which covers GardenRant itself.  But we hope you spend some quality time browsing our articles under "Categories".  And if you click on the comments at the end of each article you’ll soon discover that our readers ROCK (even when they’re taking us to task for something or other, which happens with shocking regularity).  Or just head straight for our Hottest Rants of 2007 or 2006.

GardenRant’s opinionated writers live in California, New York, and Takoma Park, Maryland right here in the D.C. area, and local girl Susan sends a special welcome to friends, neighbors, and her buddies in the DC Urban Gardeners.

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13 responses to ““Feisty” Foursome Welcomes Washington Post Readers”

  1. Jmoo says:


    I’m a regular Gardenrant reader plus I’m thrilled that spring is around the corner.

    A while back, you rated TV’s gardening shows, and I agreed with your ranking of Paul James “Gardening by the Yard”, but lately it has not been on the air according to the TV schedule. Do you know what happened to it or when it is now televised?

  2. susan harris says:

    Ah, one of the legions of Paul James fans. The answer is that while we’re happy to keep taking Paul’s messages, to our knowledge he’s never read them – or noticed us – and we have no inside dope to pass along.

    And this one’s for Adrian Higgins: I’m serious about that “future blogger” comment and if you ever need help setting up one, just holler. Preferably in season so I can come see your garden.

  3. Wow, congratulations. That’s like a real paper. And a real interview. And your real ages (I assume).

    And thank you Adrian for the Garden Walk Buffalo plug!

  4. layaneel says:

    Nice article! Is it really true that you all have only met in person once? Seems hard to believe as you compliment each other so well!

  5. Wow, you guys are uber topical. I’m excited that I’m a Friend of Rant with the exposure that you’re getting! I’m so impressed that you can post regularly through these dog days of winter when I’m struggling to find inspiration.

  6. Amy Stewart says:

    I’m actually 28, but I thought I’d have more cred if people thought I was in my 30s.

  7. Another blow for all of us who definitely don’t have magazine perfect gardens!

  8. GardenerWannaBe says:

    Great article in the Washington Post! Love your Manifesto. I want to create a beautiful, natural chaotic garden with lots of fast growing, low maintenance ground cover and very little grass. So far my gardening efforts have been less than stunning – hence the “WannaBe” tag. I think I just found the perfect site for figuring it all out!

  9. Jane Marie says:

    I’m sure Paul James would love to hear from you. If you drop him a line, he might pop in on your blog. He seems like a nice guy 🙂

  10. Becky says:

    I live in Paul James’ town. If you guys get his address I’ll go by and ask him whazzup. 🙂

  11. Congrats on the great coverage! Do I get to say “I knew you when…” 🙂

    As To Paul James – I noticed the same as Jmoo – not on anymore as scheduled/listed – odd.

    Spring is finally peaing our here in places in WDC – now just have to get a bit warmer!!!

  12. Paula says:

    I just read about you in the Washington Post. While I am married to someone with a degree in horticulture we are definitely of the mind that what works with minimal effort but with the shear joy of working with what we have (hot hot Maryland summers) we are still very challenged.

    I look forward to reading your blog daily.

    Thank you!