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Farmer John Promotes CSAs…and Creative Expression

Ages ago Amy recommended the documentary "The Real Dirt with Farmer John," which had won lots of filmPressphoto_bug_video

awards and tweaked her interest enough to add it to her Netflix queue.  So I took the tip and I think it’s appropriate to say my mind was blown (to use a term that Farmer John himself probably used back at Beloit in the ’60s).

Here’s what Alice Waters has to say:

Farmer John, with boa and pitchfork, is provocative and passionate about cultivating not only delicious vegetables but also a vibrant community of farmers and consumers dedicated to the values of sustainability.

And Joshua Tanzer of offoffoff.com:

A flamboyant, cross-dressing, hippie-loving, third-generation farmer – beaten down by debt, drought and the resentment of his community – saves his farm…by being different.

On a cold winter night, the story of Farmer John will warm you right up.   Here’s his wonderful site.

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