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GR: Honest and Unpolished

A shout-out to Patrick Berkery at PhillyBurbs, who has this to say about GardenRant:

Simply put, the from-the-hip horti-centric blog Garden Rant
is one of the most honest and unabashedly unpolished online resources
for gardeners out there. That is what makes it such an engrossing,
refreshing read.

Posted by on February 25, 2008 at 11:01 am, in the category Who's Ranting About Us.
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2 responses to “GR: Honest and Unpolished”

  1. susan harris says:

    Okay, if you’re taking “unabashedly unpolished” in a good way, let’s go with that!

  2. Michele Owens says:

    Love him. I’d say we’re dirty, but not unpolished.