What happens when you blog: scary and amazing


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Have any of you seen this lifecycle of a blogpost article from Wired? I know many of us don’t think of our blogs as having much of an impact; they’re personal journals that we maintain for fun and to connect to (in our case) the larger gardening community. So if you haven’t, you should really check this out. The speed with which your words reach anyone who might care and many who don’t is amazing. No wonder I hear from the people and companies I write about here almost instantly!

Those dullards at Target who think they can ignore bloggers should take a look at this. And I certainly hope that garden retailers and others in our field pay attention to what we say here and elsewhere in the garden blogosphere.

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6 responses to “What happens when you blog: scary and amazing”

  1. DebbieTT says:

    Very interesting. My site is targeted a lot by the spammers, you can find out who is doing spamming your key words even phrases in an article or post by doing a search of your domain name.

    It is amazing, how this whole system works and finding information is so much faster than it was years ago.

  2. susan harris says:

    Damned if I could grasp that graphic. So what’s the upshot?

  3. kate says:

    Now that was interesting – I often wonder how some people end up at my blog. Now I guess I have a better understanding of how that happens.

  4. Interesting indeed! I guess I should blog more about beer. This may be hard for a gardening teetotaller, but I’ll give it a try. 😉

  5. Lisa at Greenbow says:

    As they say be careful what you write about there is a world wide audience.

  6. Laura-Mpls says:

    Did anyone take a look at the article in the NYT Style section today on beauty product bloggers? It talked about how the makeup and beauty product industry ignored bloggers initially but now bloggers are being inundated with swag — to the point where some feel hesitant to write candidly about products. Here’s the link: