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High Spot/Black Spot Awards are Out!


The Renegade Gardener (multiple winner of the Garden Writers Association award for best on-line writing)
has released his much-anticipated awards for 2007 and they’re right here.  The list includes  landscape-and-the-law stories from Wisconsin and CHINA, the good and the bad about Fine Gardening Mag, the oxymoronic marketing term "non-toxic weed and grass killer," and the single most heinous nursery trend in America.

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3 responses to “High Spot/Black Spot Awards are Out!”

  1. Mathi says:

    Is it sad that I didn’t recognize the potted plant as a painted poinsetta? I thought it was going to be some marvelous new blue-foliage plant or an overexposed black-foliage plant picture.

    Those awards are great.

  2. Amy Stewart says:

    Brilliant, as always. Good on you, Renegade!

  3. eliz says:

    I loved the tree part–I now feel completely confident about planting a B&B tree!–and was therefore surprised that he would still commend Fine Gardening after they botched that so badly.