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Garden Coaching in the News, 2008 Edition

Garden mentors and coaches of all types will be declaring Dean Fosdick their New Best Friend after reading his wonderful story about us for the Associated Press.  With the AP I’m told you just never know where these stories might end up, so we’ll just sit back and see what happens.  It’s winter; what else are we going to do?  Okay, the California coaches are busily coaching away as usual but hey, I went to the stoneyard today so I really can’t complain. 

Posted by on January 9, 2008 at 11:30 am, in the category Who's Ranting About Us.
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9 responses to “Garden Coaching in the News, 2008 Edition”

  1. Fantastic coverage! Thanks for the heads up Susan.Great glamour shots of you too!

  2. eliz says:

    I think I have that coat–though–yours looks like it has buttons.

  3. susan harris says:

    E, it has snaps and French writing all over the inside lining and is very old.
    For once, a photographer wasn’t interested in pretending she was catching someone in the act of gardening. (After all, it was in the low 40s that day.) She did take charge of color, however, declaring RED. I obeyed.

  4. For once in my television and other media gardening career, I want a pretty picture taken of me too! I’m always sweating, dirty, hair messed up…..one day. You makes up garden pros look good.

  5. Mary R says:

    Hope you can link to this. Leah Garchik is a wonderful writer.


  6. susan harris says:

    Mary, I saw that cautionary tale about coaching and will post it to our Garden Coaching Blog this week. Coaches probably shouldn’t be making their clients cry, for crissakes.

  7. layanee says:

    Great shots and great press! But, the real question I have is ‘What stoneyard and what did you buy?’ I am a purveyor of stone (in New England) and always interesting in what the end user is looking for!

  8. susan harris says:

    Layanee – story to follow!

  9. Lisa Albert says:

    Nice press, nice photos. Oh, how I wish garden coaching had been available when I began gardening!

    The consultant in Leah Garchik’s story reminds me of a garden owner I visited some years ago. Our group was excited about the opportunity (the garden was featured in a book by a local author plus other press) but the visit was a disappointment. The garden was not the cause – the owner was. She was filled with garden ennui, it permeated the garden and her words. She said something like “I’m so over gardening” and gave us a disdainful glance as if we were nuts for even considering such a pastime. We were nonplussed and couldn’t help wondering why she had accepted our request to visit if she was so bored with the whole thing.