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A fun “plant of the day” widget


My mentee Ron just alerted me to the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden’s Botany Photo of the Day project, which appears on your computer desktop via a special widget you can download here. Unfortunately it is just for Macs, but I don’t feel too terrible about that as we are usually on the other end of this equation. I’d love all software to fit all operating systems, though.

You click on your dashboard (secret Mac talk) and you get the widget, which shows you a small photo of the plant. Then you click on that and get a bigger image and all the info. A nice way to learn about a different plant every single day of the 365. Above you see
Strelitzia nicolai, which was Miss December 4. The photo is by David Tarrant.

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3 responses to “A fun “plant of the day” widget”

  1. bev says:

    This is an excellent site; I read it every day. It is sent to me via email; perhaps old fashioned but effective. If one wants to learn about some weird as well as common plants and gain access to some truly excellent links, read this regularly.

  2. tai haku says:

    BPOTD is awesome; some really arcane, neat plants pop up there; the sort of thing you won’t find in your local Home Depot….of course I may be biased cos Daniel’s used my photos a few times.

  3. Russell says:

    Other folks could subscribe to the RSS feed (much like I do for this blog ;-). It appears in my iGoogle Garden tab and has the same content. Then I can enjoy it at home on my Mac and at work on my PC.